Treating ENT problems in the most effective way.

We all know how medicine has changed dramatically over the past few years.  Much of the medical care is provided by the physicians at the big institutions,  particularly in Cleveland.  There is no question of the quality of care provided once you can be seen.  However gaining access to the physician is often difficult due to the nature of operating a big institution and their appointment practices.  As a private practice ENT, I have an advantage by being readily accessible to my patients which allows me to provide the highest quality care possible.  Our practice principals are:

Easy accessibility for appointments and to myself – Real same day appointments for patients in need  Problems handled early are often resolve quickly and prevented from becoming bigger problems.

The highest quality care possible

Empathy and understanding of what our patients are experiencing  We get to know our patients on all levels and enjoy doing so.

Encouragement of questions during and after the appointment.  We answer all calls the same day and patients can always talk to me if desired.

We appreciate that you have placed your trust in us and always strive to maintain it.  Our practice looks forward to meeting when needed and will work to resolve whatever problem you may have.


Dr Bert Brown



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