Sore throats – Why does it keep happening.

There are many causes of sore throats.  Probably the most common people think of is often called Strep throat and they think antibiotics are warranted.  However, since many upper respiratory tract illnesses or chronic problems can cause sore throat, it is important to get evaluated by a physician and in many cases an ENT specialist.

Here are some things do think about when a sore throat occurs:

  1. Do you have a cold?  Viruses often lead to a persistent irritation of the throat and symptomatic measures are the treatment.
  2. Are your tonsils enlarged with redness and white spots? These findings suggest tonsillitis and in that case the right choice of antibiotic is often indicated even with a negative Strep culture.
  3.  Do you have heartburn symptoms?  Stomach acid and creep up(known as reflux) and cause sore throats.  Treatment may be needed.
  4. Has the sore throat been persistent and associated with ongoing pain?  It’s important to have an ENT specialist do a full exam to rule out a tumor.

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Dr Bert Brown

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