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Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Bert Brown. I’m an ear, nose, and throat Physician in Cleveland with offices in Mayfield Heights and Macedonia and (Willoughby)

I wanted to tell you a little about my practice because I think we’re unique.

I’m an independent physician. First of all most of ENT physicians in Cleveland now work as part of the bigger institutions.

There’s nothing wrong with that but the reason I wouldn’t join these big institutions is that I found it ends up being less personal.

The reason I went into medicine is because I like people, I wanted to help them and I wanted to get to know them.

The reward in medicine is really getting to know people, being friendly with them, figuring out whats wrong with them, getting them better. We need no greater reward than that.

But when you have a big institution which is overriding how patients can get to you sometimes they don’t have access to you.

There are some physicians who would like to practice this way but because of they are part of an institution they just can’t allow their patients to get access because of the rules and regulations of the place they work.

We take great pride in our patients know that if they call us they are going to get a staff who is probably familiar with them.

They have ready access to me and if they have a question for me they are welcome to ask me and I will get back to them.

And finally if they need to get in they are going to get in.

My staff knows that if someone has a serious problem or something that’s really getting in their way they are going to have them come and see me. . If it means me coming in a little earlier or staying a little later doesn’t bother me because I really want to just take care of people.

Often by getting these people in what we find is we can take what might be a small a problem and prevent it from becoming a much more bigger and serious problem.

It’s a way of medicine that works quite well.

It’s what I have always done and its one I continue to do.

So if you have an ear, nose, and throat problem I invite you to call our office we’ll get you in and find out what things are all about.

My goal is take care of your problem and take of your problem in such a way that you can go and enjoy the life that you have and in the way you want.

In such a way that you can go and enjoy the life that you have and in the way you want.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to meeting you should it be necessary.

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