Children And Hearing Loss

A Child’s Hearing Loss Are you the parent of a child with newly diagnosed hearing loss? If so, you will have many questions and concerns regarding the nature of this problem, its effects on your child’s future, treatment options, and resources. This article will provide you with necessary initial information and guidance about the availability […]

Dr. Bert Brown Offers New HALO – Made for iPhone© Hearing Aids

Got Hearing Loss? Dr. Bert Brown and Physician Hearing Centers Offer the Latest Technology in Hearing Aids, the iPhone© Compatible HALO Cleveland, Ohio, June 26, 2014 –Treating hearing loss can be a challenge when attempting to reach out to the technologically savvy, style conscious Baby Boomer generation, a demographic that may experience the onset of […]

Cleveland Physician Dr. Bert Brown

Video Transcript My name is Dr. Bert Brown, I’m an ear, nose and throat Physician in Cleveland Ohio and I’m the owner of Cleveland Ear, Nose and Throat, my medical practice, and Physician Hearing Centers which is my audiology practices. I have both offices in Mayfield Heights Ohio and Macedonia, Ohio. I just wanted to […]

Dr. Bert Brown ENT, Cleveland OH Physician

Video Transcript: Hello my name is Dr. Bert Brown, ENT and I am the physician owner of Cleveland Ear Nose and Throat. There’s been a lot going on in medicine over the past few years with many rules and regulations and as a result many people are joining the bigger institutions. We are very fortunate […]

Is It A Cold or Sinus Infection ? Ask Dr. Bert Brown

The fall and winter seasons are well known to be the time when people get upper respiratory infections.  When it becomes necessary to stay inside and close the windows and doors,  people are in closer quarters together, and germs are much more readily passed.  Many of my patients aren’t sure when it’s time to see […]

Otolaryngologist Dr Bert Brown Willoughby OH

Video Transcript: Hello, I’m Bert Brown an ear, nose, and throat physician in Cleveland OH. I wanted to introduce myself and just talk a little about medicine. Medicine has changed significantly. There are many physicians including myself who have been unhappy with all the rules and regulations in medicine. But, I went into medicine to […]

Dr. Bert Brown Physician Willoughby OH

Hello my name is Dr Bert Brown from Cleveland Ohio. I’m an ear, nose, and throat physician with a special interest in hearing loss and managing that hearing loss with hearing aids when indicated. Why did I get involved with this? Well, a lot of people have hearing loss. Only 10%-15% of people with hearing […]

MD Dr Bert M Brown Cleveland OH

Video Transcript: Hello my name is Bert Brown. I’m an ear, nose, and throat Physician in Cleveland. I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I got into medicine and how it affects the way I manage my patients. I’ve wanted to be in medicine ever since I was a young child and […]

Dr. Bert Brown MD at Physician Hearing Centers Willoughby OH

Hello, my name is Dr. Bert Brown, an ear, nose and throat physician located in Cleveland, Ohio. I have offices in Mayfield Heights and Macedonia. The major hospital I worked out is Hillcrest Hospital where I am the Chief of Otolaryngology. I am actually one of the few remaining private practice ear, nose and throat […]

Dr. Bert Brown Physician Hearing Centers Willoughby ENT

Hello, my name is Dr. Bert Brown. I am an ear, nose and throat physician in Cleveland. I wanted to tell you about something that is very dear to me which is a business that is about from my time and I have started what’s known as Physician Hearing Centers. Physician Hearing Centers is a […]