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Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Bert Brown an ear, nose, and throat physician in Cleveland OH.

I wanted to introduce myself and just talk a little about medicine.

Medicine has changed significantly.

There are many physicians including myself who have been unhappy with all the rules and regulations in medicine.

But, I went into medicine to help people and get to know people.

And by maintaining my private practice I’ve been able to do so.

As an ear, nose, and throat physician we see a whole gamut of problems.

I see both children and adults with many problems.

And its really been fun getting to know patients and their families.

I’ve actually been in practice here in Cleveland for over 25 years.

And I’m actually now seeing children of children I’ve taken care.

Medicine is a lot of fun if you remember why we do medicine; or why I went into medicine.

I went into it to take care of people and help people with fortunately some of the skills and knowledge I’ve gained through my own education.

It’s all about getting to know people and listening.

When you approach medicine in that way its fun and we’re able to take care of people.

And actually we have a good time even they make you pretty sick at times.

So it you want to have this form of medicine done with you then I invite you to call me should you have a problem.

I can assure we will be accessible; you’ll be able to talk to me, you’ll be able to talk to my staff.

And if you need to get in you’re going get in and you’re going to see me.

That’s how we work.

So if you have a problem I look forward to meeting you and I look forward to getting to know you if we can take care of your problems.

Thanks for listening this is Bert Brown from Cleveland Ohio

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