Nosebleeds and winter time.

Now that winter is upon us, the heat is on and dryness of the nasal problems is much more common.  When the nasal membranes get dry, crusting can occurs and even lead to splits in the membrane.  The nose has a rich blood supply and when those splits occurs blood vessels can open up and lead to bleeding. We can do the following measure to help control dryness in the nose and have less nosebleeds.

1. Do not pick crusts out.  This can lead to a cycle of more crusts which become worse.  It is better to use gels to mositurize the nose and the crust come out on their own.

2 Keep the nose moist.  This can be done by using agents such as Ayr Nasal Gel over the counter by gently pushing the ointment into the nose.

3.  If you get a nosebleed, pinch the soft part of the nose closed for 10 minutes, and then push in some gel if you have it available.  Most nosebleeds occur in the front part of the nose and can be stopped by applying pressure in this way.

If the problem continues, please give us a call for any further advice or an appointment.  We always have appointments available for people in need or urgent care.

Dr B


  1. It gets very difficult for me to control nose bleeding during winter. I usually visit ENT specialist near my house for nosebleeds. Thanks for sharing some important tips to stop painful nosebleeds.

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