Dr. Bert Brown Offers New HALO – Made for iPhone© Hearing Aids

Got Hearing Loss? Dr. Bert Brown and Physician Hearing Centers Offer the Latest Technology in Hearing Aids, the iPhone© Compatible HALO

Cleveland, Ohio, June 26, 2014 –Treating hearing loss can be a challenge when attempting to reach out to the technologically savvy, style conscious Baby Boomer generation, a demographic that may experience the onset of hearing loss earlier than their parents generation. As Boomers are now beginning to need hearing testing and possibly, hearing aids, to improve hearing, hearing aid manufacturer Starkey Medical revolutionized the industry with their made for iPhone© hearing aid, the HALO, and it’s unique and functional applications that connects the iPhone© with your hearing aid.

Dr. Bert Brown, Cleveland ENT Physician and the team at Physician Hearing Centers offer patients HALO as an option for those who would like to be able to use their iPhone© and an app to improve their hearing loss without the clunky larger hearing aid look or feel that steers many away from seeking hearing loss treatment. Hearing aid designs have advanced to a level that offers even the most appearance-conscious consumer options that will help alleviate the stress that can be created by trying to communicate in a crowded restaurant or other noisy environment without a large aid that is noticeable

According to Dr. Bert Brown, Cleveland ENT and owner of Physician Hearing Centers, “Hearing aids are not just for old people.  As we have become more sophisticated and there are many different listening situations in our digital world, hearing loss is being recognized as a significant problem in all ages, particularly the baby boomers.  Fortunately given today’s hearing aid capabilities, baby boomers can get a hearing aid that fits their very active lifestyle in all ways.  The made for IPhone hearing aid is an ideal example of that.”

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