Dr. Bert Brown Physician Willoughby OH

Hello my name is Dr Bert Brown from Cleveland Ohio. I’m an ear, nose, and throat physician with a special interest in hearing loss and managing that hearing loss with hearing aids when indicated.

Why did I get involved with this?

Well, a lot of people have hearing loss.

Only 10%-15% of people with hearing loss actually take care of their hearing problem.

They often think its just a little hearing loss and it doesn’t cause a problem but what we’ve learned over time is that hearing loss is very significant. People with hearing loss who have to focus and listen so hard to hear people miss a lot of things.

We’ve actually had studies show their memories not as good, they actually don’t enjoy themselves out in loud situations where there is a lot of background noise and what happens they no longer want to put themselves in those situations.

So what happens they often isolate themselves.

The other thing we’ve seen is hearing loss can even aggravate and be associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

So there is a lot more to hearing loss than people think and I urge you to come in and let us check out any hearing problems that you have and see what we can do.

There’s a lot that can be done. Hearing aids work great. If that’s needed talk more about it and I would like to get to talk to you more about it.

So this is Bert Brown from Cleveland OH trying to just tell you a little about the untreated consequences of hearing loss which we should all think about if we’re having difficulties.


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