Dr. Bert Brown MD at Physician Hearing Centers Willoughby OH

Hello, my name is Dr. Bert Brown, an ear, nose and throat physician located in Cleveland, Ohio.

I have offices in Mayfield Heights and Macedonia. The major hospital I worked out is Hillcrest Hospital where I am the Chief of Otolaryngology.

I am actually one of the few remaining private practice ear, nose and throat physicians in Cleveland. Most of them belong to the bigger institutions. There is a benefit to working on your own. As a solo practitioner without the encumbrances of all the rules and regulations the big institutions, we really can provide a more personalized and individualized approach.

When patients have a problem they can call us and they have ready access to me. There’s not a big group of bureaucracy that actually tries to filter and rehash and funnel things rather if they want to talk to the doctor, they cant.

What I found in the 25 years of medicine I practiced in Cleveland, if you can actually talk to the patient yourself, focus on what you are saying most of the time you can actually identify what is going on just based on that, not only that but by getting to know the patients and listening and caring it just makes for much better plan of care.

So, if that’s the kind of care you want to receive please feel free to give me a call should you have an ear, nose and throat problem I’d be happy to talk to you and we can see what kind of things we can sort out with you.

Thanks for listening and I really look forward to meeting you.

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