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My name is Dr. Bert Brown, I’m an ear, nose and throat Physician in Cleveland Ohio and I’m the owner of Cleveland Ear, Nose and Throat, my medical practice, and Physician Hearing Centers which is my audiology practices.

I have both offices in Mayfield Heights Ohio and Macedonia, Ohio. I just wanted to welcome you to our practice.

I went into medicine because I like getting to know people and helping to solve whatever medical problems they may have. Medicine has changed a lot. Access has become a bit more difficult because of all the rules and regulations and I am happy to tell you that we continue to practice medicine in the way that it was meant to be and the reasons that I went into it for.

When patients come to our office, our staff gets to know them. I’ve actually been fortunate enough to have the same staff for many years. They listen to people, they get to know the people, and then when I get to see them myself, I get to really develop a relationship with as well.

In order to properly manage a patient’s medical problems you really need to get to know the patient. Everyone handles problems in their own ways and you have to look at that problem in how it interfaces with the rest of their body.

So that gives you an idea of what we’re all about. In addition I’d like to tell you when you need to get seen we take great pride in being able to get people in and we’re accessible. If you call with a problem, you’re going to be able to talk to me whenever it is necessary.

So welcome to our practice and if you have an ear, nose or throat problem and that includes both adults and children, please feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk about what issues you may be having, and in the case of needing an appointment, I can guarantee you that we’ll be accessible, and be there to help you take care of your problem.

So thanks for listening and I look forward to seeing you in the office!

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