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Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Dr. Bert Brown an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician in Cleveland. I have two offices one located in Mayfield Heights which covers a large array of suburbs including Mayfield Heights, Euclid, Lindhurst, Mentor and Willoughby. And I also have an office in Macedonia which also gives me coverage more south including suburbs Sohen, Twinsburg, and Hudson.

And both offices are accessible to all these suburbs.

My goal in medicine is to be accessible to my patients.

One thing that is happening in medicine is many people are joining bigger institutions. There are certainly benefits to a big institution but what gets lost is that individual care.

As an independent solo practitioner I really get to know my patients. So when they call my office the staff often knows who they are and the staff has a good feel for whats going on with them and allows us to really get them in when they really need to get in.

Accessibility is probably one of the best way to manage any problems that are evolving and prevent them from evolving into more serious ones.

I welcome to give us a call if you’re having any ear, nose, and throat problems and I can assure that we will be able to accommodate your needs in a way that allows you to take care of your problem and move on with the things you like to do.

Thanks for listening I look forward to meeting you if it should be necessary.

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