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Why are we different?

Audiologist in ClevelandHearing is one the the five miraculous human senses. Hearing along with our other senses take the body from being just a physical being into a very special and unique and special being. Every person uses their hearing in their own special way based on their previous experiences and how their brain processes in it’s own unique way.

At Physician Hearing Centers, our Cleveland ENT physician and Doctors of Audiology understand how important hearing is and how it is a unique experience for each person we see. Hearing helps to dictate the way we experience the world.

Hearing aids are computers that understand sound themselves, but cannot calculate emotions and human experience. At Physician Hearing Centers, we get to know our patients and learn from them how their own hearing experience helps them enjoy life. We then take the hearing aid and adjust them by working with the patient in real world setting so they can again hear the world in the way they enjoy. There is no other center that ties the human experience to the hearing aid usage as we do.

As a result, when you get your hearing aids from Physician Hearing Centers, they truly help you to hear the world as you want. Our patients love their hearing aids and having them adjusted in the way they want allows them focus on enjoying life around them.

We are a top rated Cleveland ENT Physician and Audiology practice.

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