Bert M Brown MD in Willoughby & Cleveland OH

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Bert Brown. I’m an ear, nose, and throat Physician practicing in Cleveland Ohio. I have offices both in Mayfield Heights and Macedonia.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about how our practice works because I think it makes for a much more friendly atmosphere which helps people get to better much quicker when they feel comfortable in the situation they are in.

Medicine is changing significantly with all the rules and regulations and its fairly onerous to maintain a practice on your own.

But when I first went into medicine I went in because I like the science of medicine but more importantly I really care about people and wanted to help them.

I have found that many of the rules that occur when you join a bigger institution prevent you from giving the personal and individual care that is most important to me.

I have found that if you really just treat people like people and don’t consider yourself any different just given the fact that you’re a physician you can really listen to them and actually identify what’s gong on without even a physical exam at times.

It really creates a much more friendly relationship. And really I think one of the keys to getting people better or helping people is for them to feel comfortable with you and actually for you to feel comfortable with them. That way we can communicate more effectively.

And for the most part it’s worked quite well.

So if you really want this personal kind of care when you know the Doctors going to listen to you get to know you and actually hopefully you’ll feel quite comfortable with them.

I do feel that our practice is the place to come.

I look forward to meeting you should you have any problems that need to be taken care of and I’m sure that we can help resolve them so you can go and interact in the world in the way you want.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to meeting you should it be necessary.

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