Problem of the week – Ear Pressure

Ear pressure and popping was the most common problem I saw this week.  There are many causes of ear symptoms and I will list the most common three. Eustachian tube dysfunction – The eustachian tube leads from behind the nose to the ear and equalizes pressure in the ear.  When this tube is not functioning […]

Problem of the week – Do I have tonsillitis or strep throat

Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils and can be caused by bacteria or a virus. Strep throat is the most common bacteria to cause tonsillitis is children and can only be definitely confirmed with a culture. Tonsillitis Management – The management of tonsillitis is somewhat different in young children versus adolescents and adults.    […]

Problem of the week – Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds(aka Epistaxis) were by far the most common problem of the week once again.  This is not surprising as winter time when the heat is on and the air is dry is what creates a setting where nosebleeds can occur. Why do we get nosebleeds? –  The nose has a very rich blood supply throughout […]

Problem of the week – How do I avoid colds and the flu.

Problem of the week – The past few weeks have seen a dramatic increase in cold and flu symptoms. My patients are often asking what to do and how long are people contagious for. We are often contagious before we realize we are sick and it can persist for awhile after we seem better, so […]

Problem of the week – Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

This week the problem most prevalent was an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection or URI.  URI’s are typically much more prevalent in colder weather as people are indoors more and come into contract with the infections much more often. The past few weeks in particular have led to many infections in my patients, family and friends.  I […]

Problem of the week – Ear pain

One of the most common problems seen this week was ear pain medically also known as otalgia.  It’s best to break down ear pain into 2 types, infectious and referred otalgia which I will describe briefly below: Infectious ear pain: External Otitis or an outer ear infection – This is an infection of the ear […]

Problem of the week – Sinus infection

With the changeover to winter and frequent changes in the weather,  the most common complaint this week was that “I have a sinus infection”: When people say they have a sinus infection they aren’t sure exactly what’s going on but know they have multiple nasal and facial symptoms often associated with a sinus infection. Sinus […]

Problem of the week – Sore Throats

The most common problem seen in the office the week of 12/19/2016 was “I have a sore throat”: Sore throats can have many causes.  The first question to ask is the soreness new, ongoing, or a recurrent process as that often indicates different causes.  It’s easier to break sore throats down into acute or chronic.  […]

Total hearing wellness – The Physician Hearing Centers approach to managing hearing loss

As you know CENT offers the full management of all ENT problems.  One of our many specialties is the management of hearing loss and providing hearing aids when needed. The article in Mimi’s linked below is a very nice summary of our comprehensive approach.  Thank you for trusting us to handle all you ENT problems […]

Nosebleeds and winter time.

Now that winter is upon us, the heat is on and dryness of the nasal problems is much more common.  When the nasal membranes get dry, crusting can occurs and even lead to splits in the membrane.  The nose has a rich blood supply and when those splits occurs blood vessels can open up and […]